kitchen #8: before and after

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Day 8: I've seen my fair share of Kitchen Renovations & I LOVE KITCHEN REMODELS. I am sharing a few of my favorite before and after photos (8 kitchens in all) with ideas on how to bring life back into an outdated kitchen. 
I hope you enjoy!

As part of a whole-house remodel, the small kitchen in this 1950s rancher was in line for a makeover. It began by pushing out the sink wall toward the backyard.

Clean, modern, and functional, the new space is the result of the architect's flexible design as well as the homeowners' dogged pursuit of just-right appliances, fixtures, and surfaces.

The Details –

Lighting: Pendant lights are fitted with powder-coated gray metal shades; white enamel on the inside bounces the light.
Stainless steel: On the sinks, faucets, shelving, and the main countertops it is sleek and practical; the range with matching hood is a focal point as well.

Island: The solid-surface island countertop has the look of concrete but the stain resistance and easy care of resin-and-mineral composite materials.

Cabinets: Silvery moss green laminate cabinets with high-style handles reflect the homeowners' contemporary aesthetic. In the background is a wall of teal laminate cabinets, including a matching-panel refrigerator.

The Floor Plans
Eliminating the short wall between the kitchen and dining room and bumping out the latter in both directions turned the two spaces into a single larger one. To free up the sink wall for windows, the architect located a pantry and broom closet on the facing wall, behind cabinets, and moved the exterior door to the dining room. via