a little chanel in your day

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!


Step One: Admit we are powerless over our addiction
(first step in recovery, even though I don’t want to recovery)
but, ok...

"I admit it, I am powerless over my addiction."

My addiction? Why, Coco Chanel, of course.
I love the woman, her apartment, her elegance, her style, her brand, her clothing, her jewelry, her accessories, her fragrances, her accomplishments, her…

And just a fun fact here, in my circles of friends,
I have the nickname 'Chanel' and I just love that!

The world would be a better place with just a little Chanel in everything we do.

A while back I did a post on Coco Chanel, the legend and another on Everything Chanel. My obsession. It is my passion when it comes to fashion. Anyway, I received such a great response on those two posts that I now believe I am not the only one totally obsessed with this amazing lady and her brand. Thank you!

So I think it might be time to revisit Ms. Chanel.  I have a computer file stocked full of beautiful Chanel images and I can’t wait for you to see them… there's just so much BEAUTY, CLASS, INSPIRATION, inside and out. I mean, come on, to start - look at those perfectly symmetrical, interlocking circular, CCs.  They are positioned on each item just like a warm little hug from a fashion icon. 

So here we go - let's scroll through some beautiful images. 
Because after all, one can never get enough Chanel, right?

Welcome to my Happy Place






these are on my wish list, I can't even...

Don't you just feel a little more beautiful today because you are looking at these?

I know I do!
So of course, I will revisit My Happy Place again, very soon.

And like I said, one can never get enough Chanel.

Have a beautiful day!