quick tip: plates on a wall

Easy projects can freshen up your home & be inexpensive, too.

plate on white wall 
Cover a Wall with Plates

Discover a quick and easy way to add a beautiful arrangement to a blank wall. 
Ever shop eBay or Home Goods? You will be amazed at the selection of gorgeous plates and service pieces that you will find… and in gorgeous, I mean maybe too gorgeous to be covered up with food! 

Covering a whole wall with plates has the same effect as one big piece of artwork.


I am more of a minimalist in my own home… so solid color plates are a wonderful way for a minimalist to add several pieces of stoneware to a wall as art.

plate wall sunset com

Whether you go all out with patterns, floral, or prints… or collect solid, all one color… plates are a gorgeous addition to your wall and yes, in any room! 


Check out the Tiffany Suite in the world-renowned St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan… notice what they have hanging over the headboard in the Master Bedroom? So, if it's good enough for Tiffany... who are we to argue!