quick tip: add an antique


Easy projects can freshen up your home & be inexpensive, too.

flea market finds

Place an antique in any space no matter what the décor… antique pieces span the boundaries of style. Buy an antique or just move existing furniture around to give your home a breath of fresh air, a lovely face-lift.

Adding an antique can be as easy as 1. 2. 3.


1. Find a vacant space in your house (existing or create one by listing an unwanted piece of your furniture on Craig's List – this helps finance the future purchase)

2. Take a day trip to some great Thrift Stores or Antique Mall and enjoy ‘window shopping’ until something jumps out at you.

3. Most stores even now offer delivery but if you can fit it into your vehicle… immediate gratification… bring it home, set it in place, polish it up… and ENJOY!

armoire from bhg - baking center

New life will be given to any room with an addition of a ‘new’ old piece of furniture. And try not to pigeon-hole the use of your piece of furniture “It’s a dresser, so it has to go in the bedroom”. Mix it up, dressers work in living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms even porches… and side tables work in living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms… see where I’m going with this?

For instance, a bath feels authentic to the period of a home, but you can create an unique twist with the addition of an antique piece.

armoire - bhg - linen closet

This China Cabinet has been brought back to life with a new use…
a gorgeous painted Linen Closet.

Look around your home... see a need for a shopping trip?