a kitchen of many colors


Home Renovation is in full swing here at our office… it is that time of year. And Kitchens are the Number One area undergoing transformations. Ok, I am a little bias, but a Kitchen renovation is at the top of my ‘favorite to-do list’.

Whether it be big or small in square footage or big or small in budget, there seems to be a wonderful, ‘imaginations go wild’ type of style emerging in Kitchen renovations. Luckily our customers are more than willing to jump on the band wagon.

Do you know what the style is? ...painted cabinets. Long gone are the stained mid-century Kitchen cabinets of your Mother and Grandmother. Today, let your 'imagination go wild' on choosing colors for your cabinets… and why stick with one color? Kitchens are the heart of the home… so why not add your own personality to them. For example, does a Kitchen island have to match your wall and base cabinets? Come to think of it… do your wall cabinets have to match your base cabinets?

Take a look at these and you decide…

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Now… anything peak your imagination?
What do you think of painted cabinets?
What do you think of the new 2-tone trend?