it is always darkest before…

Not everyone is blessed to have beautiful natural light flooding into every room in their home… but, not to worry, there are some ‘tricks of the trade’ in the design world that helps fool the eye into seeing the brightness in any dark room.  It is all about the optical illusion and the best part is no construction to add more windows!

Here are just a few tips I have learned along my professional way:

white living room
1. Paint the Room White.  Yes, I know… ‘yawn’ but there are so many beautiful and unique shades of ‘white paint’ offered on the market these days that a white room… really doesn't have to be stark white anymore!

2. Paint the Fifth Wall White. (Did you know that your rooms have 5 walls?)  There's nothing more depressing than a dark ceiling. And, yes, you may never hear me say this again, but… Paint your ceiling white to add light to that dark room.

white subway tile in kitchen
3. Add White Tiles.  White subway tiles added to any room offers clean linear lines, also they have a glossy, reflective finish that adds light. They're miracle workers for dark kitchens and bathrooms.

4. Add a Mirror or Two. This is an oldie but a goodie… Mirrors visually expand a room’s space and reflects what little bit of light (natural or artificial), the room has, making any space feel bigger and brighter.

5. Become a Minimalist. Clutter only intensifies the cave-like effect of a dark room. Look for stylish storage solutions that can help keep clutter in check.

6. Add Metallic Surfaces. Just like No. 4, adding metallic accessories reflect what little bit of light the room may have to offer. But remember: A little sparkle can go a long way.