i'm dreaming of a white kitchen

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Dreaming of a white kitchen
I design kitchens for a living (along with ump-teen hundred other things) and I LOVE my work. I love to draw, and create, and design beautiful, functional kitchen work spaces for my clients. And at the end of the day, I come home and write, and create, and collect, and discuss design even more.

So I thought I would share my secret stash of kitchen images that I am holding onto for the time when I can draw, and create, and design my own beautiful, functional Dream Kitchen.


It is probably obvious by now that when it comes to my home, I am a Traditionalist. So when it comes to my Dream Kitchen, I am, of course, a Traditionalist (white, to be specific).


Ok, how about a little ‘Detail’ Pop Quiz as you scroll through my collection of kitchen images?

1. Can you name the style of cabinet fronts I prefer?

2. Can you name the type of overhead lighting I prefer?

gorgeous hoods5

3. Can you name the backsplash finish I prefer?

gorgeous hoods4

4. Can you name the appliance finish I prefer?


5. Can you name the color palette I prefer?

gorgeous hoods

BONUS POINTS: (yeah, no points are being given)


*Can you name any other design details that I would prefer in my Dream Kitchen? HINT: It involves colors, tchotchkes and stained or painted woods.

Side Note: This is how I usually start each job with my clients: I ask them to pull a few of their ‘favorite’ pictures from magazines or the internet even before we meet so they can give me an idea of their design tastes. Sometimes, I might suggest that they pull a favorite article of clothing or two out of their closet to help me get an idea of their likes and dislikes.

gorgeous hoods7 
Now, could you determine my Kitchen Design tastes from these images? Wait, maybe I shouldn’t give away too much information here on how I do my job… you might start doing it for me! (… or you could be prepared to help me shop for my own Dream Kitchen, because you know my tastes).

gorgeous hoods3
Picture 7

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

No wait… let me dream a little more…

Picture 14Ok, this one is not really my color scheme but isn’t it the cutest?

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