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light_reading_dark-e1297104279272 I am an avid book reader, yes the actual written, printed, illustrated, made of ink, paper, parchment, and usually fastened together to hinge at one side book and I am an avid book collector who dreams of one day possessing a wall of built-in shelving to house and display all my precious possessions. I am not the user of a virtual book on a Kindle or iPad (not that there is anything wrong with that… it’s just not me). Give me a hardback or paperback with leaves to feel and caress between my fingertips, rectos and versos to turn in anticipation of the next event to experience with our hero and heroine. 

It might be a bit obvious at this point (especially after that last statement) that I have a very strong love affair going on with books. I especially love to meet in private places and develop the affair even more, whether it be at a cozy little spot to experience events quietly together or at my favorite book stores to explore and collect more for the beauty, excitement and intriguing subject matter that books are so willing to share with me.
her_reading_nook_by_button_bird-d622o9kSorry... back on task…
So the other day I walked into a client’s home and stumbled upon her son’s Reading Nook (literally stumbled because there were piles of books everywhere). I should’ve taken a photo to share with you (I just wasn’t thinking ahead at the time) because this cozy spot was so inviting and warm, I just know you would have loved it too… I wanted to curl up in it and hide away for a bit myself. reading-nook-via-ohdeedohI didn't take a photo but I did find the above image on the internet and it reminded me of this cute little guy’s private hideaway.  Anyway, I came home with a wonderful idea… I should share the inspiration that nook created with you on my blog!
nooks1-600x457Whether young or old, reading is an important part of learning and an enjoyable pastime and a reading nook can provide a comfortable, quiet place to retreat. A nook, whether large or small, can also be a great private spot for other activities: talking on the phone, drawing, daydreaming or listening to music. Almost anything you do that you want  to do in a peaceful, cozy spot, you can do in your very own reading nook.

I hope the following will inspire untapped creativity, unlimited reading and uninterrupted relaxation. 1016863_10202746972369669_1785776920_n

10015027_10202746971289642_1063189409_o Traditional-home-library-with-cozy-reading-nook-White-Bookcase-Also-Showing-the-Window-Seat-Decorated-with-Cream-and-White-Pillows 3-Reading-Nooks 8-downsizemyspace   modern-traditional-living-room-73381-1900 Nook2 nook-9 AHMNBT reading_nook_pb  reading-nook_white-e1288692298842 reading-nook-built-in-lighting reading-nooks
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