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Yesterday's post shared a sweet little Book Nook that I literally stumbled upon in a client’s home. This got me to thinking about the word "Nook” – I like that word – short, sweet, to the point - but you really don't hear it too often, do you? Where else would you use the word Nook... nook... nook… ooooh… Breakfast Nook!

Ok, I have to admit right up front, I am NOT a breakfast person. I am not even a morning person, so how could I be expected to get up and eat that early? But, it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and considered a jump-start to provide the fuel needed to make it through a busy morning until it’s time for lunch.

If you’re like most people, you really only have just enough time to grab a cup of coffee and a granola bar or some other similar food-on-the-go before heading out the door. Does anyone really have time to sit down and take the time to enjoy something first thing in the morning while getting ready for the long day ahead? 

However… by creating a cozy breakfast nook, you may be more enticed and apt to sit and savor your chosen breakfast meal each and every morning. And if the nook is inviting enough, I might even stumble out of bed, pull up a seat and enjoy a warm hazelnut latte too.

A breakfast nook is a cozy space designed to provide an intimate meal space for just two to four people. Generally a breakfast nook is tucked away in the corner of a kitchen or within a bay window.

A breakfast nook is supposed to be small and quaint, so you won’t need a table rivaling the size of your dining room set-up. Generally a nook is not a place for entertaining guests, so a small café table should suffice. If you do not have a window seat, you may choose to add chairs, but a nook can also be just one-sided.

When decorating your breakfast nook, remember that it does not necessarily need to look like an extension of your existing kitchen décor. As long as it complements the rest of the space, it’s okay to add different colors, patterns and textures to give the space its own identity. In the end, your breakfast nook should be the perfect place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a good book.


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