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RosemaryBeachcloseRosemary Beach, that isCan you hear the ocean calling…?
I know I have said that New England is my Utopia, and yes, I grew up there and feel right at home when there… but if we are talking my Utopian Vacation Spot, that would have to be the Gulf Shore beach… and the ultimate Gulf Shore beach destination for me is Rosemary Beach.
rosemary-beach-florida Here is how they like to describe themselves: Rosemary Beach is a neo-traditional town located on northwest Florida's gulf coast, between Panama City and Destin, at the eastern end of Scenic Route 30A.
crop_1200_650__02H6757_Rosemary Inspired by other classic beach towns, this 107-acre, gulf-front town of Rosemary Beach was designed to bring back the notions of community, neighborhood and convenience. In other words, this slice of heaven on earth offers residents the opportunity to live and work in paradise… Mild year-round temperatures, yet still a change of season; spectacular beaches free from crowds; the natural beauty of a beach-side destination located on a designated scenic road; aesthetically-pleasing architecture and award-winning, expertly-designed layout; convenient and quaint town center, amenities such as tennis courts, pools, dune walkovers to the beach and lots of green areas in which to relax; these are the qualities of the new paradise of Rosemary Beach. I mean, now com’on…  who could NOT fall in love with a place like that?
According to one website review (which puts it all so perfectly): 
Imagine starting the day with breakfast on the balcony of a cottage overlooking the serene Gulf of Mexico. Imagine closing the front door and strolling on boardwalks past masterfully designed cottages, gardens and parks on the way to work. No traffic, no highways, no rush hour, no crowds and no stress.
1361364739rmb3The multiple neighborhoods of Rosemary Beach are interconnected by a network of pedestrian footpaths, boardwalks and secret pathways that lead to all public areas, including the beach, the Town Square, tennis courts, swimming pools and other town amenities. Cars are restricted to alleyways behind homes and the town’s pedestrian scale ensures that every place within the community is easily accessible by foot.
panama-city-beachNothing is more than a five minute walk away from the town center either, where shops, restaurants, the Town Hall and Post Office beckon residents to gather, work and socialize in a stress-free environment. The town center is easily accessible to residents who want to dine at their favorite restaurant; residents who want to do more with their day than spend it in the car running errands to locations that are miles apart; residents who want to plan an event at the Town Hall, the largest indoor venue on Scenic Route 30A, yet don’t want the hassle of huge crowds.  The town center is just that-the center of town with everything residents need conveniently located in one area.
shopping 3  Shopping  shopping 2 BruxAD1whkkS2j shopping 0312_rosemarybeach-street-lAs you stroll along the footpaths in Rosemary Beach, named for the native species of rosemary herb that lines the sand paths and can be found throughout the town, you will discover some delightful surprises…
rosemary-gulf-lawn2 Summer-in-Florida-Small-Town-Beach-Cottages-for-Rent-rosemaryTo establish and preserve the unique vision and character of Rosemary Beach, the town planners and architects provided guidelines for the placement, design and construction of all homes and buildings in Rosemary Beach. The resulting town plan is an intricate patchwork of different house types, and custom homes built to suit a wide range of individual tastes. Whether it be a private residential, an intimate carriage house, or strictly a rental property, every home in Rosemary Beach is architecturally unique and is custom designed and built to reflect each owner’s tastes, needs and lifestyle. Yet, every house is an inextricable part of the fabric of the town, reinforcing its coastal character.

A Few Exterior Shots of Rosemary Beach Homes…
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Ok, hold onto your hats… A Few Interior Shots of  Rosemary Beach Homes… and some of these include Rentals - nothing but the highest quality materials used within this community… a place after my own heart!
640x480_882957-romanticgetawayfor2orcozyfor4carriagehouse-001-1388808657 1012_rosemary-ubh-dining-room-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-entry-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-game-room-1-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-game-room-2-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-guest-bath-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-guest-bed-2-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-kitchen-l 1012_rosemary-ubh-living-room-l  554438_0717500 Coastal-Living-Dream-House-Kitchen-to-Great-Room
living-use teng1 tracery_rosemarybedafter tracery_rosmeary_guestbedIf  you want to see more, check out their Rental Property website that offers numerous interior photos to entice you.

Now, for all you romantics out there - picture this as the ultimate Wedding Destination
wedding 09_rosemary_beach_wedding_photography-1024x682
leslee-mitchell-rosemary-wedding-00021(pp_w649_h886) santa-rosa-beach-wedding0571
Now, can you hear the ocean calling…?
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