hints for a sexy bedroom

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Here are some easy steps to help you 'Set the Mood' in your bedroom

bedroom with shadows
The most important step - Get rid of all the junk that accumulates in your bedroom. Don't use your bedroom as a dumping ground for kids' art projects, laundry, newspapers, magazines and who knows what else. No one feels sexy going to bed in a warehouse or garbage dumpster.
decanter and water 2

Get everything up off the floor. Store the things that warrant it and trash the things that don't. Be sure to clear off the surfaces of dressers and tables, and only replace what is meaningful or pretty. You don't want to see anything that reminds you of chores or obligations. Remember, when in your bedroom, everything your eye lands on should make you feel relaxed and confident. And the very last thing you should have to see in your bedroom is workout equipment! Looking at it, whether you use is or not, can cause anxiety levels to rise. Move the StairMaster to another room!  
lighting in bedroom
Double check this - there should be no overhead lighting - whether they are incandescent or fluorescent, they are notoriously unflattering. There's nothing sexy about a well-lit room. You want shadows… highlights… and the soft glow of filtered light.

Place lamps with ivory shades on each side of your bed, and make sure the bulbs are no more than 60 watts. It would be perfect if they were dimmable. For even more impact, replace the white bulbs with pink-tinted bulbs. Everybody looks good in this light - the only thing more flattering is candlelight, but pink light bulbs don't pose a fire hazard.
5 star hotel bed 2

Speaking of candlelight - Take the same approach to smell that you just took to sight. Get rid of anything that doesn't smell great. Move the laundry hamper to a bathroom or closet. Evict the dog… even if it’s just for one night. Wash everything, down to the mattress pad. And make up your bed with the sheets folded back invitingly, the way they do in five star hotels. Read more on this here.

Choose a scented candle with care. One that's too floral may put you off. A better bet is one that smells clean and fresh, my personal favorite is Yankee Candle’s Clean Cotton. And be sure your candle is placed in a jar for safety reasons. The flicker of candlelight will enhance your sexy lighting atmosphere.

bedroom w bed

Next Step: Turn off the television! Better yet, remove it from the bedroom altogether. (...just be sure to pick your battles here!) The bedroom should be for two things only: and one of them is sleeping. If you don’t have a whole house speaker system, you can place a small stereo in your bedroom and play your favorite music. Beautiful music is always a great mood enhancer.
Your bedroom is your own private sanctuary. But beware of what message you're sending by using it as a display case for your hobbies. Stuffed animals are a BIG no-no, along with too many tiny pillows. What looks good in a bedding store can appear fussy and high-maintenance at home - not the message you're trying to send.
mirrored bedroom
Add a mirror somewhere, a cleverly positioned mirror, or even a mirrored piece of furniture, can easily add glimmer and shine to a bedroom, both sexy qualities. The reflections of flickering candlelight in a mirror will double the sexy lighting scheme.
Easy, right?  You can do this and it only takes a few easy steps to get your bedroom looking beautiful and sexy (well, sexy needs to be clean and organized too, right?).