it's springtime... ready for a change?

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here! 
I think that decorating for a new season is more fun than imaginable and there are so many wonderfully different ideas to use to bring a change to your interior. 
Here are a few of my favorite suggestions to bring a little Spring indoors.

Give New Life to Furniture

painted furniture 10You can easily paint salvaged pieces of furniture an unexpected color. For inspiration, think of a summer icon, such as a beach umbrella or even a swimsuit. Keep an eye curbside or check out local garage sales for finds you can reinvent. And remember: Imperfections lend character.

Here’s something to remember when picking out paint…If you're a novice, go with water-soluble latex. It's easier to apply and clean up. Latex is also nontoxic, dries in one to two hours, and has less odor.
Oil-based paints are better for sealing stains and adhering to metal or dirty surfaces. The downside is they take up to 24 hours to dry, have strong odors, and require mineral spirits or turpentine to clean up. And keep in mind that oil-based paints are a flammable, hazardous material that requires careful disposal.

Cover Up

slipcover furniture 01 Slipcover furniture to bring a lighthearted, beach feel to any room. Slipcover fabrics can be changed with the seasons and easily cleaned. Linen is a natural fiber appropriate for both upholstery and draperies. Its texture and neutral color provide a backdrop for hotter accents, such as pillows and painted pieces.

I know what you are thinking….Should I slipcover a piece of furniture or have it reupholstered? A custom slipcover usually costs about the same price as reupholstering. So the choice is up to you. If you have children or pets, slipcovers are great because they can be washed. Also, because a slipcover can easily be removed, you can take it off and enjoy the piece in its original fabric at any time.
Borrow from Nature
Vaseswithshells3 Comb the beach for treasures from the sea. When cleaned and bleached, sea stars, sand dollars, driftwood, rocks, and pieces of coral create one-of-a-kind room accents at no cost. Shells and sea glass always make a great display, whether you cluster them in a bowl or jar, let a single shell stand alone, or use them to encrust a mirror, mantle, or chandelier. Be sure to check local laws though before removing natural items from the beach.
Accessorize Well
Create a scrapbook of beach memories, or look for coffee table books that celebrate the seashore. You can also add subtle accents to your home décor - such as coasters, paperweights, or hand towels that are printed with seaside images.
Use Good Scents
Sense 2 The first thing every visitor to your home will notice is its smell. Fill the air with sea-inspired fragrances. Mist linens or entire rooms with a delicate spray, light an aromatic candle, set out potpourri, or light a fresh scented incense.

Now... enjoy the warm weather indoors as well as outdoors