wouldn't you like to be a pinner, too?

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I think everyone has become totally addicted to Pinterest, right?  Well, if not and you are a blogger who wants to conduct any type of social connection via the Internet - Pinterest is the place to be!
Pinterest is a social network with a simple premise: Users share photos that they find online by “pinning” them, the equivalent of “liking” - a status on Facebook or "+1" - on Google. Users can download a toolbar that can be used to pin items from any Web site. The photo and information then appears on your Pinterest board, and users who follow you can see your collection of photos and even re-pin them on their own boards if they really like them. The simplicity of this system does not lend itself to obvious marketing strategies, but there are a number of ways that you can use this growing social network: Pinterest is a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your website or blog. You can post images that contain a link back to your site, and these links mean the potential for more traffic.
Pinterest is a social network, so take the time to form relationships with other users and to build a community around your brand. When you see that users have re-pinned your items, comment and thank them. Follow other users, and this will encourage them to follow you in return. The more you can do to encourage interaction, the better relationship you will have with them.
With the number of Pinterest users growing rapidly - as much as 4,000 percent in the last six months - the site is quickly becoming a dominant player in the social-networking field.
Pinterest is not limited to pictures, either. The site is also good for posting videos if you’ve got a product demo or just a fun, viral video to share.
Pinterest membership is by invitation only so you will need to visit the website and request one. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your invitation to come through but you can speed up the process by asking a friend who is already on Pinterest (like me!) to send you an invitation. Contact me if you would like an invitation and I can send one through.

Pinterest-has-More-Traffic-Than-Google -YouTube-and-LinkedIn-Combined-promote-your-business
I just love Pinterest and if you aren't already addicted, I guarantee - you will be soon! 

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