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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Bathroom Renovation Guidelines, it’s Springtime and everyone is starting to think about renewals, all types of renewals including renewals in home design, i.e. home renovation and redesign. Today, I want to address Kitchen Renovations. 
Dream Kitchen
As I've said before, I believe that with a little design guidance and a little DIY know-how, any one can create a beautiful room in their home. A beautiful room that meets their every need.

It’s easy for invest long hours in making decisions that come along with a kitchen design. All of these decisions are obviously personal preferences,  but there are always a few common goals in any project, no matter what the budget, style, or location.
If you were to ask 100 kitchen designers what they would do with your kitchen, you would most likely end up with 100 different designs and of course, some of them would be quite similar, but in no way identical. When starting to think about the look you want for your kitchen, my suggestion is to immerse yourself in kitchen research… start by looking at as many different designs as possible and then choose which ones make you feel like you would be ‘at home’ if you were living there.
Kitchen IV
Your research will undoubtedly take you to the Internet; to numerous kitchen cabinet showrooms; and possibly to design centers who specialize in kitchen remodeling. I also suggest that you look at any number of excellent kitchen design books and magazines that have hundreds of gorgeous color photos of kitchens large and small, expensive and affordable. 
I strongly suggest you look beyond just cabinets and countertops when considering the design of a kitchen. Every surface in the kitchen is a design element: the paint, flooring, ceilings, doors, backsplash, sinks, faucets, countertops, appliances, and accessories. And don't forget lighting: this is a very critical design element. I will admit that unfortunately, more times that not - lighting is often overlooked in a kitchen design. All of these areas should tie together to contribute to the overall design theme. 
A Kitchen design, in my opinion, speaks to the overall look of the kitchen once it is complete.  Specific materials, cabinets, finishes, and lighting can be used to achieve a sleek, modern look and feel; or to create a kitchen that appears to have been transported in a time machine from a quaint Irish cottage.  Your kitchen… your choice.

I have to admit that the kitchen is one of my all time favorite rooms of the home to design… all the textures, the lighting, the layers, the colors…. whew – I LOVE IT! 

Enjoy the following photos… see what I mean:

whitte kitchen
gorgeous hoods1  gorgeous hoods2
gorgeous hoods3
gorgeous hoods4
gorgeous hoods5
gorgeous hoods7
gorgeous hoods

I know I have used a few of these images before - but I just can't help myself when it comes to kitchens... I just love them all so much! 
Is it possible that I am a kitchen-holic?