let’s make your outdoors great – part I

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here! 

It is warming up here in Georgia and I just can't seem to keep my mind on task - call it Spring Fever, if you like - but this distraction is definitely taking its toll on my work.  So, if you can't beat them - join them, right?

With the warm weather settling in, I should focus on getting outside spaces ready for enjoyment.  I've already given some suggestions for improving your home's Curb Appeal within a day, a weekend, and a month and I've offered simple suggestions on how to bring the warm weather inside your home through decor.

Now, I thought I could share some tips on how to expand your living space to the great outdoors to help you enjoy more of the Spring and Summer weather ahead! 

large_real4 Remember, when you create a living area outdoors – you could possibly ‘double your living space square footage’ and if you plan your area accordingly with some very important considerations - you might be able to use this space year round.
Let's start with a simple definition for Patio and Porch.
Did you know that they really aren't the same thing?

A patio, which is defined as a paved outdoor area adjoining a residence, can be the perfect place to entertain, dine, or just relax outdoors - even now while the temperatures are still cool. When the air is brisk and a light rain is falling, all you need to do is provide for warmth, shelter, and comfort in an outdoor area and you can spend many enjoyable hours in your expanded living space.

A porch, which is defined as a structure attached to the exterior of a residence, can be enjoyed year-round as well, especially when screening is used to keep mosquitoes and bugs at bay and an over-head cover can shelter you from the rain. A spacious screened porch can promise year-round comfort.
coastal living double porch swing
front porch swing_white black painted floor rocking chair summer outdoors_evan sklar photographer
house beautiful porch
Porch swing on an old victorian house I just LOVE a porch swing.
When designing your outdoor living space, think about creating distinct areas for distinct purposes – for instance, an area to watch television, maybe an intimate space for a sunset dinner, a seating arrangement to sit by the fire for year-round enjoyment, or a quiet place to just sit, enjoy a cup of coffee and read the morning paper.

No matter what your requirements - or the location of your outdoor living spaces – always keep in mind that these areas will most likely become incorporated into your home’s interior design and they could possibly be the view that you see from your home’s windows.

So whether it’s simple or elaborate, a patio or a porch... an Outdoor Living Space can be your own private oasis or an expansion of your home’s square footage – it all depends on exactly how you decide to design and decorate the space.

Check back tomorrow, I'm going to discuss things to take into consideration when furnishing an outdoor seating arrangement.