the forgotten land *part one



When decorating your home, it is sometimes easy to overlook a very valuable area.

There are several areas within one home that have the exact same function but can easily be transformed into a dining room, a library, an office or just a plain simple, pretty space - somewhere to drop your keys, kick your shoes off and hang your hat or maybe just pass through on the way to another area.


Take a moment and think about your hallways; the entry hallway, the back door hallway, the staircase landing, and the upstairs & downstairs hallway. These areas are often overlooked, forgotten when focusing on your home’s interior design. And think about this… your entry hallway is what gives every visitor to your home a ‘First Impression’. What does yours say about you, your family and your home?


Sometimes creating a stylish hallway or landing is as simple as choosing a few chic seating options and then just letting the space do the talking for itself.

I have collected quite a few (ok, tons!) of hallway images over my years in the design business and the one thing that I have noticed to ring true in the majority of these is that minimalism is the key factor.


Some of us are lucky enough to have a hallway that is large enough to be transformed into an additional room, but most are small and narrow. Within those small spaces, a few large statement pieces will really go a long way in making a statement for your home and lifestyle.

Now, as you know… I love to get inspiration from images, and yes, as I said, I have quite a collection gallery of hallway design. I would love to share these with you but I have so many that I think it might be best to break this presentation up into a 4-Part Series.


Now, as you scroll through these amazing ideas… remember, Design is All in the Detail… especially in small spaces!

I hope that these hallway decorating ideas will inspire you to update your ‘long room’.

So here we go:

Hallway Design Inspiration    *Part One

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Feeling inspired?

I love design that really focuses on the detail, don't you?