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Welcome to All in the Detail… I am so glad you are here!  


I have such a great time creating and sharing my ‘Design Series’ segments on my blog....Here are a few:
1.      Quick Tips – fast and simple design projects
2.    Recipe Friday - I share all my easy family tested recipes
3.    How-to DIY Craft Projects - trust me, I’m not much of a crafter anymore so these are super simple
4.    Get Organized in 30 Days - my step by step challenge where you can get your life and home organized
5.     DIY Construction Reference Sheets - to be able to work directly with your contractor on your construction projects
6.    What’s your Design Style a quick and easy ‘class’ describing the different design styles and how to recognize your own personal style
7.     Your Outdoor Living Space - easy suggestions on how to make your home’s outdoors beautiful.


Each time I publish a series, I love receiving all the feedback. I am so happy that they are so useful to so many of you. As a blogger, it is hard to know the reader’s response and opinion on my writing without the wonderful feedback.

Ok, back on task – So I thought I would start a reminiscent design series, “Monday Morning Movie” (say that three times fast) I have been going back through all my design segments from my radio show… oh, did you know I had a Two-Hour Live Talk Radio Show specifically on construction and design?


Yes, here we are, the four of us, in our (arrrgggh – not so great) Promo Shot. Left to Right: Radio Personality and DJ ‘Shaggy’ (Chris Boise who ran our board and answered the phones), Licensed Contractor (and my partner) Tim Weinmeister, Interior Stylist Jalon Burton (and as the 'boys' called me, “Doctor of Design”) and Licensed Contractor ‘Grampy’ (Carl Feddern).

Any who… I was going back through my radio design segments and thought it would be great to share some of these with you.

Now, a little preface on this before we go any further: 
1.Remember this was a radio show, so my segments were audio only
2. After each broadcast, I would take my All in the Detail audio segment from the show and create (in my opinion) an informative video to accompany the radio segment. 
3. Then listeners could refer back to the video to help them recall information offered during my All in the Detail segment of the show. 
4. These videos are also posted on my YouTube channel (approximately 2 million views - THANK YOU!)

Now, I would love to share these ‘movies’ with you on Mondays.


So, each week I will post a YouTube Video here and invite you to sit down, relax with your cup of coffee (and your movie popcorn) and enjoy a short (approximately 3 minute) Design ‘Movie”.

 So, Let’s Go to the Movies!
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I will have a seat reserved for you every Monday!
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