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Welcome to All in the Detail…. I am so glad you are here!  


Ok, this is a design blog and I could honestly ‘talk’ design until the cows come home but fortunately for me (and maybe unfortunately for you), this is also a Personal Blog and I am going to take a little liberty here.

I receive an email from my sister today (she sends me a lot but this one touched my heart strings extra strong) and I just had to share the cuteness with you. The subject matter of the email was simple… “World's Best Baby Sitters” and it was filled with adorable photos. Prepare yourself, these ARE adorable – so adorable that I am ‘playing’ the Personal Blog card here (I promise this won’t happen often)! And, Ok, there might a little CGI involved but so what – they’re adorable!


take a walk
a little help
bath time too
bath time
doing my nails
kisses too
learning the ABC
nap time
playing dr
rade em cowgirl
rubbing my ear

Ok, one more, because I can… a darn cute video that I watch almost every day just to make me feel warm inside… hope it gives you that feeling too!
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P.S. Can you tell I’m a Dog Lover?

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