things to consider when buying an oven

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With so many new technologies out there in the market, there are ovens that offer options for everyone - and every budget.

Today’s models possess a new generation of convenient, time-saving features, along with striking good looks. When you’re walking around an appliance showroom, you may be tempted to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over appearance and forget that you have to live with this appliance for 10 to 15 years. Whether you’re replacing an existing oven or remodeling your entire kitchen, here’s what to consider before you shop.

energy guide Do you want Gas or Electric?
There’s really no difference in terms of quality or how evenly a gas oven versus an electric oven cooks food. And when it comes to energy savings, unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer either. While you can easily determine how much a certain refrigerator will cost to operate by referring to the Energy Guide sticker and ENERGY STAR ratings, there’s no such program for residential ovens because the difference in efficiency between these models is minimal. Your choice should be based more on what you’re comfortable with and what fuel type is most readily available where you live.

pizza oven Are You Wondering Which Type of Oven to Choose?
Double ovens top most cooks’ wish lists. These allow you to bake items at two different temperatures at the same time. For kitchens that don’t have space for two separate ovens, a few manufacturers offer a double-oven range, which has two ovens stacked within the base of a traditional 30-inch freestanding range. While the second oven is small, it’s typically large enough for a pie, casserole, or pizza. You can also consider ovens equipped with warming drawers. In most configurations, the warming drawer, which holds foods at 200° F, takes the place of the storage drawer on the bottom of the range.

wolfAre you Dreaming of a Professional Style Oven?
Many manufacturers offer professional-style ovens in widths of up to 60 inches, which accommodate two side-by-side ovens (usually, one is at least 36 inches wide with an adjacent smaller second oven.) However, these pro-style ovens can easily cost $10,000 or more. Budget provides an important reality check. Installing a second oven can double your cost, which may not be justified if you’re using it only once or twice a year.

money_tree Here are Some Cost Considerations
Single wall ovens start at about $450, and double wall ovens are priced from $900 for the most basic models. Freestanding ranges can be found for as low as $260.
While spending more doesn’t necessarily guarantee better performance, you will get higher end features such as preprogrammed cooking options and heavy-duty construction on parts like door handles. Inexpensive ovens work fine, but investing a little more may give you features that make your time in the kitchen more efficient.

Here’s Some Additional Oven Features to Consider

OVENSShorter self-cleaning cycles:
New technology obtains the same results in two hours - half the time of traditional cleaning cycles - so you’ll use less energy.

OVENS pull out racks Full-extension racks on ball bearings:
These glide out smoothly and easily as you’re pulling out a turkey or a heavy casserole.

heating element Hidden or sealed elements:
These models make cleanups easier because elements are recessed in the top of the oven or concealed in the bottom.

So, whether you’re replacing an existing oven or remodeling your entire kitchen - new technologies offer options for everyone and every budget.