energy saving tips for bed and bath

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We may spend fewer hours in these two rooms then in all the other rooms in your home combined, but bad habits in these rooms can still put a strain on your budget. Try to be more aware of your wasteful actions and conserve energy by following a few of these great tips:
luxurious-bathroom-decorating Let’s start in the Bath - Conserve water and energy by using low-flow showerheads, which can cut your water use in half. Plus cutting your shower time to only five-minute and promptly fixing dripping faucets and showerheads can help lower water consumption.

indoor_comfort What’s your Home’s Temperature - Adjust your home’s thermostat at night to save on heating and cooling costs. Raising or lowering the temperature by just a couple degrees can make a big difference in energy bills.

programmable thermostatDo you use a Programmable Thermostat - It’s really the best idea and change its schedule as your lifestyle and the seasons change. And when deciding what temperature to set your thermostat, remember you can use a ceiling or oscillating fan or an extra blanket or two to stay comfortable.

electric-blanket Do you Use Energy for Luxury - Turn on electric blankets only after you’re under the covers. Switching them on beforehand to heat up the sheets may be a temptation and a luxury, but it wastes extra energy.

Setting-The-Water-Heater-Temperature-af How Much Do you Know about your Water Heater - Lower the temperature on your water heater to a maximum of 120° F to help conserve hot water. You can also install a timer that allows you to switch the heater on and off automatically.

turn lights off Here’s a Great Energy Saving Tip AND a no brainer! Switch off lamps and lights when leaving the room. That’s easy to remember, right?

Luxury-Bedroom-Design Now, let’s look at the Bedroom - I have talked about the bed being the room's focal point, so this is where most of your decorating effort (and budget) will most likely be spent. So, when dressing your bed - think organic. Organic cotton bedding is made without the use of harmful chemicals and as a result, the ground and the plants are not polluted with pesticides and we get beautiful, soft cotton for sheets, pillow, towels, and clothing.

compact-fluorescent-bulb Take a Look at your Lighting (Bedroom and Bath) - You can easily change out all your old incandescent lights for new compact fluorescent bulbs. Each bulb can last over 6 years and can contribute to generous savings in your utility bills.


vinyl-mini-blindsTired of Dusting those Mini Blinds - You can easily replace dusty old mini blinds with cotton roman shades or lined draperies. Their thermal insulation makes them a great energy saver because they block outside elements (like weather, noise, and sunlight).

So, with numerous earth-friendly and stylish options on the market, as well as being a little more aware and cautious around your home, you can conserve energy and strain on your monthly budgets.