post number 200 and a beautiful friday

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

This is my 200th post!

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Thank you to everyone for your beautiful support and encouragement.
I know I couldn't do this without you... here's to the next 200+!

With all the ‘class work’ that has been done lately, wouldn't it be nice just to take a break and enjoy a beautiful view... or two?
So “CHEERS” for all the hard work & ENJOY some BEAUTY!

beautiful tree house
A Beautiful Tree House
beautiful patio
A Beautiful Patio
beautiful lighting
A Beautiful Lighting Landscape
beautiful sunset
A Beautiful Sunset
beautiful pinks and greens
A Beautiful Window Retreat
beautiful backyard
A Beautiful Backyard

And the answers to yesterday’s quiz:
1. Traditional Design Style
2. Contemporary Design Style
3. Cottage Design Style
4. Eclectic Design Style
5. Mediterranean Design Style
6. Old World Design Style
7. Romantic Design Style
8. Southwestern Design Style
9. Transitional Design Style
10. Tuscan Design Style
11. Country Design Style

How did you do?