bedroom essential tips

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3 banish-bleach Think about this statement for a moment: 
You spend more time in the bedroom than any other room in your home. 
Pretty interesting fact, huh?

chair in bedroom So… I’m going to share some tips to help you make the bedroom one of your most favorite rooms in your home.

bedroom chair Tip #1: Add a Place to Sit
Whether it’s a giant chaise lounge or a mismatched side chair, you’ll want something to sit on in the bedroom. It’s nice to have a place to sit while putting on and off your socks, and tying and untying your shoes so you don't mess up the bed you just made. This is a great opportunity to recycle a flea market find and to use a just a couple yards of extravagant fabric to reupholster it.

curtain and shades Tip#2: Just a Couple Thoughts on Bedroom Window Treatments
In a bedroom, window treatments that can be closed to darken the space or opened to let in plenty of light are ideal. Curtain panels, paired with shades on the window, offer versatility. When lowered, the shades offer privacy but let filtered light come through. AND for added luxury, try adding a blackout liner to the curtains – there isn’t anything more luxurious than feeling like you are sleeping in a five star hotel with no wake up call.

lighting Tip #3: Be Sure you Have Stylish Lighting
A good-looking pair of lamps flanking the bed is an instant style update that’s practical, too. A classic pair of ceramic lamps, one placed on each bedside table, is a great choice, but I especially love wall-mounted sconces – these unique lamps free up plenty of space on your bedside tables for all the essentials that you need by your bed... alarm clock, a family photo, bottled water… anything else. And try adding three-way bulbs to the lamps – it’s a great considerate touch to the bedside ambiance.

bedding Tip #4: Think about Adequate Bedside Storage
Closed storage by the bed is essential. One small drawer can hold hand creams, reading glasses, a great novel, a television remote, and anything else that might litter your bedside table. In lieu of a drawer, try a pretty box or basket - anything that will clear the clutter.

euro shams Tip #5: It’s Time to Upgrade Your Pillows
If you don’t have a small fortune to spend on linens, start with your pillows. Buy one for both you and your partner that fits the way each of you sleep. Then, upgrade the pillows in your shams. You’ll be amazed at how much more neat your bed will look with a new pillow that has a nice shape. And while we’re at it, lose the surplus of throw pillows. A pair for sleeping pillows, a pair of Euro-size pillows for shams, and a pair of standard-size pillows for shams is all you need. You can add a bolster or lumbar pillow in a contrasting fabric if you want to give the bed a little more interest.

beautiful bedroom
One Last Tip: You Should Love your Bedroom Color
Experts are divided on this subject. Some say a bedroom should be a restful color, while others suggest a bedroom is an appropriate place for colors that create a cozy cocoon. In any case, the color scheme of your bedroom should be one that you enjoy and that inspires happy thoughts as you drift off to sleep for make way for sweet dreams.

Remember, you spend more time in the bedroom than any other room in your home so make sure it’s one of your favorite rooms in your home.