kitchen renovations

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The kitchen is where you've baked birthday cakes, prepared weeknight dinners, raised kids, and connected with friends. You've introduced new recipes and whipped up old standbys. Your kitchen has seen a lot of living and, to be perfectly honest... it might show.

When my clients ask me how to get started on a kitchen renovation… I give them four steps that they should initially work on to help keep them within a budget and to help stay focused throughout the project. If you start out on the right foot... it’s a lot easier all the way through to the end.

Here are my 4 Initial Steps to take when starting a Kitchen Renovation.

kitchen magazinesStep 1. Choose a Style
Lots of times, people don’t really know what style kitchen they want. The best thing for you to do is to look through magazines or go on-line… find kitchens you like and tear out or print those pictures. Believe it or not, there is usually a pattern to what you like.

appliancesStep 2. Look at Appliances
This is a major factor in the space planning of your kitchen design. Do you want a cooktop… do you want double ovens… do you want a 40” range? How about… how much refrigeration space do you need? Make a list of your wants & needs and the appliances that you would like. Then hold on to this list.

KitchenFloorPlanStep 3. Work with a Kitchen Design Specialist
At this point, the space planning should begin – and this would involve someone drawing a set of plans for you and deciding where everything goes. This is VERY important: Find a kitchen designer that you trust and that you feel you can work with on the project. I have many clients that I have designed and installed kitchens for and I have bonded with them over the project… now we’re great friends.

Ok – back to where does everything go in your kitchen space planning. You will have to make decisions like….Where do you want your storage cabinets for your pots and pans… Where do you want to place your flatware drawer… Do you do a lot of baking and need a special surface… Do you collect cookbooks… you will make decisions for every detail for every aspect of your kitchen planning.
investment Step 4. Get Pricing
You have your appliances, you have your space plan…. Now is the hard part…. and just remember… your kitchen is quite an investment. It is probably one of the BEST investments that you can make in your home. You get 110% return on this investment and where else can you find that?

Hopefully if everyone has done their job right – in the end, your kitchen will be a wonderful room in your home that you will want to spend lots of time in and share with your family and friends.