how to style a coffee table

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Don’t be Afraid to Use a Large Coffee Table

Sometimes it seems like a larger piece of furniture will make a room seem smaller, but it actually will not. A larger piece of furniture placed in a small space makes the space look like it can hold a larger piece. Plus, a larger coffee table can offer additional space that can be used in many ways.

How is it Being Used?

Coffee tables can be used so many different ways. If the coffee table is in a Family Room, sometimes you could be doing crafts on it, sometimes you could be eating on it, sometimes you could be sitting around it and just putting your feet up on it, so you need to take into consideration what needs the coffee table will be required to handle in that space.

What Needs to Happen in the Space?

Depending on where the coffee table is, you need to style it so it’s a “WOW” piece, because it actually is the middle of the room. Don’t be afraid to put bold things on it that compliment the theme of the room. You can also use beautiful storage boxes to hide the things you don’t want to see, for instance, remotes, kids’ things/toys, books, even hand lotion and keys.

Make it Pretty

The thing that draws your eye the most to a vignette is the use of mixed media. Using large trays for vignettes, stacked books with pretty things on them, some iron, glass, or some ceramic is a perfect way to highlight the coffee table. And these items can be rotated out depending on the season or the event/activity of the day.

Show Different Elements at Different Heights

Showing different elements at different heights is a great way to create interest on a coffee table.

Children and the Coffee Table

If you have children in the home and they tend to use the coffee table for all sorts of reasons and activities, consider using a finish on the table that is more forgiving.

Here’s an All in the Detail Quick Tip to styling a coffee table.