choose the right dining table

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Whether you a have dedicated room, open-concept layout, or eat-in kitchen, choosing the best dining table for your space comes down to the dimensions you have to work with and the number of people you would like to seat.

The First Question You Should Ask Yourself:
How Many People?

There are three things to take into consideration when deciding on the correct table size.

Number One: Sizing for Your Space

The right size table is scaled proportionally to your dining space and leaves enough room to easily pull out chairs and maneuver around the room. These layout tips will help you determine the sweet-spot range for your table dimensions.

The Right Amount of Space Around Your Table:
Minimum: 36 inches
Ideal: 42-48 inches
For a thoroughfare or entrance: 48 inches

The Right Amount of Width for Your Table:
For place settings only: 28-30 inches
For place settings and serving pieces: 36 inches
For the ability to pass across the table: no more than 48 inches

Number Two: Seating Capacity

Most dining tables will list the number of people it can seat in the product description - though actual table measurements may vary by a few inches within that description.

Wondering if you can squeeze an extra seat in?
Allow a minimum of 24 inches per place setting (though benches can be a bit cozier).

Number Three: Adjustable Length

Extendable tables offer the flexibility to seat more people when the occasion arises. A removable leaf can be placed in the center of the table to expand it or stored in a designated slot under the tabletop when not in use (this is the perfect scenario – but some leaves do not have that storage option and must be stored elsewhere). It's OK if the expanded measurements leave a bit less space than recommended—as long as chairs can still be pulled back. Drop-leaf tables have edges that can fold down when not in use, making them a popular small-space solution.

The Second Question You Should Ask Yourself:
What Style?

There are two options to take into consideration when deciding on a style of dining table.

Option Number One: Height

Standard dining tables are around 30-inches high. Counter-height tables are 34-36 inches tall and pair well with bar stools for tight spaces. This choice basically comes down to personal preference and the style of the existing room.

If you're buying a dining table and chairs separately, or plan to use a new table with your existing seating, check the legroom: ideally leave 7 inches of vertical space between the chair and table.

Option Number Two: Table Shapes

Just as with the size of your table, your home's dining space (both measurements and shape) should influence the shape of the table.

Rectangular: Variety of table widths makes it highly adaptable.

Oval: No corners makes it easier to pull up an additional seat.

Round & Square: Good use of space, especially in smaller spots; allows for easier conversation.

These are the primary points to take into consideration when choosing the table where you, your family and your guests will dine. But as with any design choice, there is no cookie cutter definitive answer. If this is what you like... if this is what you want... AND if this is what will work for you and your family... it most likely will be the correct choice.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the store, that is why the sales people make the commission!