when i think summer…

Kennedy Compound
When I start thinking Warm Weather, Summer Vacations and the Beach, my mind automatically travels to New England. And for me, well, nothing says New England Summers more than Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Hyannis Port Massachusetts. And… nothing says Hyannis Port more than The Kennedy Compound, right?

So come along with me on a little trip to visit the Kennedys at The Compound. Here's a small peek - which most of us can only do through photos. The following 10 photos, taken at the Kennedy Compound over the years, reveal private moments of America's de facto royal family. Most of these originally appeared on Town and Country Magazine website.

HyPeskin_KennedyCollection-005 1953: John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline being interviewed by LIFE Magazine.

2282510 1971: Ethel Kennedy & children after a day of sailing in Hyannis Port at Kennedy Compound Pier.

T1520565_28 1935: A portrait of the Kennedy Family. Seated from left are: Patricia Kennedy, Robert Kennedy , Rose Kennedy, John F Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Sr. with Edward Kennedy on his lap; standing from left are: Joseph P Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, and Jean Kennedy.

2282680 1980: John F. Kennedy Jr. during Labor Day Weekend.

2282665 1980: John F. Kennedy Jr. and friends during Labor Day Weekend.

HyPeskin_KennedyCollection-036 1953: John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Edward Kennedy play football on the lawn.

106793862RG002_MaxKennedy 1981: Max Kennedy attends Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament.

1151006.jpg 1960: Jacqueline Kennedy hugs  Caroline Kennedy on the beach.

J164319305 1963: Ethel Kennedy at table eating with Kennedy children during the celebration of the christening of Christopher George Kennedy.

1909719 1980: Caroline Kennedy and Jackie Onassis walking on Hyannis Beach after swimming.

2282852 1983: Kerry, Kathleen, Eunice, Ethel & friends on the Fourth of July.

Now, does anyone else feel Summer is calling?

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