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I saw this adorable ‘Adult Playhouse’ the other day on a friend’s Facebook Page and just thought it was the cutest thing ever! (and you are NOT going to believe what it really is) Imagine the fun that could be had by all in this cozy, unique space. The space alone screams “FUN”.

In the central part of Ohio, there is a town called Loudonville. Most people know it for its camping and canoeing, but in the middle of the woods there is a hidden secret that few people know about (until now).


An adorable red barn-style tree house was built to entertain tourists going through the area, but it isn’t for children. That’s because it’s a brewery. The Tree house Brewing Company is contained in a 200 square foot room built high above the ground. Along with a small Amish building crew, Nelson Tree house and Supply built the brewery in only four weeks.


The brewing company is 22 feet off of the ground. The only way to get into the brewery is via a 30ft bridge. Previously, it has been used as a novelty for visitors. But they hope to convert it into a more legitimate brewery in the future.

It features Gothic stained glass windows.

It also has a custom bar made from wine barrels.

The bar is topped off with a European-style draft system.


The design theme for the tree house as an 1800s-style Ohio barn. It has recently been renovated and is even available for overnight stays… But stopping by to have a drink seems like a much better option.


This tree house is the perfect playground for adults, but you might want to keep the kids at home for this one. Mohican State Park (where the tree house is located) offers other cool accommodations as well, check them out if you’re in the area.

Isn't this the cutest Adult Play House ever?

Just remember, NO KIDS ALLOWED!

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