a thank you, fellow bloggers

I have been missing from Blog-land for a couple of days. I had a family obligation that (of course) takes precedence over just about everything else in life.  I am sorry that I haven't posted or even written anything these last few days (I honestly hate missing days on my blog). I just left without a notice... I am SO sorry. But as a mother, we can must easily drop everything and do whatever we have to do when our 'little ones' call. Yes, my little ones are now 28 and 32 years old... but they will always be my babies. Don't you agree?

Next, I realize that it takes patiencetime, and blood, sweat, and tears to develop a following of readers and to sustain strong friendships in Blog-land.  Well recently, I noticed a wonderful increase in my blog's traffic. I did some investigating and discovered that a nice percentage of my traffic source has been coming from a couple of my very dear blog friends, Teresa at Splendid Sass and Tina at The Enchanted Home. So a huge THANK YOU to you ladies for your continued help and support!

These two wonderful ladies have been big supporters of my blog since day one and have even added my blog link to their 'Must Read List' posted on their blog's sidebar for all to see... I feel so honored.  Their blogs are two of my daily stops in Blog-land and are beautiful places to visit! If you haven't already seen these gorgeous blogs (and ladies), please take a moment and scoot over to check them out - trust me, you are going to love them, too!

And Last (but not least), I am heading out on a 10 day Alaskan cruise so if you have been to Alaska on a cruise, have any travel or packing tips, or tourist suggestions on what to see... please share

I am very excited about this trip because 1. I LOVE to travel & 2. I have never seen Alaska. I promise to share all of the excitement and natural beauty that I plan to encounter upon my return. I will even try to take photos of the spectacular sights - but trust me, I stink at taking photos on vacations, so... I apologize in advance.