a cry for help and my first giveaway

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here! 


Hello Everyone…
First off, I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to everyone who reads this blog and who has supported my efforts over these past five short months. My blog has grown to almost 200 followers and I am so grateful!  I also want to thank you in advance for your assistance with my "Cry for Help".

I’m reaching out to everyone. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have a YouTube channel with many uploaded DIY videos. The channel is titled Jalon Burton and The House Drs, from a really great 2-hour Talk Radio program that I hosted with very talented, wonderful contractors. The program offered a segment on Interior Design (the source of my videos), and the title of that segment was (can you guess?)... 

The House Doctors
Well, we have a wonderful following developing over on YouTube. If you take a look at the right hand side of my blog (and immediately below), you will see a YouTube widget which offers readers an opportunity to subscribe and enjoy more Home Design information offered in video form.

OK, here’s the Cry for Help. If you notice our YouTube subscriber numbers are rapidly reaching the four digit mark… so exciting!  With that in mind, I'm asking for your help to push it over the top. All you have to do is hit the Subscribe button either on the right side widget button or above and help us to reach 1000 Subscribers!

Wait a minute! 

Number 1000 - that’s a pretty big deal. 

Maybe I need a Giveaway for #1,000 Subscriber or maybe a great giveaway for all  who help and subscribe? I like that idea...
So, here are six ways to enter the giveaway
(each requires you to leave a comment here to qualify)
  1. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel & leave a comment here with the name you subscribed under.
  2. LEAVE A COMMENT here.
  3. FOLLOW THIS BLOG  & leave  a comment here.
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  5. SIGN UP for my NEWSLETTER  & leave  a comment here.
  6.  SHARE this on FACEBOOK or share with any of the links below by the Post's Comment link  & leave  a comment here letting me know.
That’s it. When our YouTube Channel reaches #1000 Subscribers, I will randomly draw a winner... and the prize? I've pulled one of the most popular items from our It Can Be Arranged Home Design Boutique. This great Eiffel Tower candle holder is really one of the hottest items in our Boutique right now. It's perfect in any setting, indoors or outdoors and adds a beautiful French Glow to any decor. It is made of dark brown, solid cast iron; has a beautifully distressed patina; is a very nice weight; and stands 15 inches high. It can holds either a tea light or a votive candle.
I love this item - it's a beautiful addition to any room: a kitchen, a bath, a porch, a bedroom, etc... I have a couple in my own home and I love to light them in the evening to add a special warmth to the room. This is exciting.... my FIRST GIVEAWAY in Blog-land - I hope you will help us and maybe be a winner!

Thank You So Much & Good Luck