on a personal note: that's me

Name: Jalon Burton

Occupation: Interior Stylist
Owner and Project Manager of It Can Be Arranged Interior Design and Consulting
Talk Radio Producer and Host of The House Doctors Show
Owner of It Can Be Arranged Home Furnishings and Design boutiques

I love the holidays:
When I was little, my favorite time of year was Christmas.  That's the time of year I remember my whole family filling our home with laughter, fun, wonderful smells, decorations, foods and love.
Now that I am older, I still love a FULL house throughout the holidays.  I overindulge myself with holiday décor, sweets, and festivities.

I am always travel ready:
I have spent a large percentage of my life traveling the world. I love all the experiences and ideas from the décor, food, clothing, etc. that seem to jump right out at me everywhere I go. I keep my travel bag packed at all times.   

I have a soft spot for movies (and television shows) that offer beautiful home settings: 
I have a shelf full of videos that are great dream home movies… the film itself might not be the best – but I could move into the ‘set home’ in a second!

A few of my favorite homes (but not necessarily favorite movies) are:
Father of the Bride
The Holiday
Something's Gotta Give
Home Alone
The Blind Side
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
The Family Stone
Marley & Me
The Nanny Diaries
What Lies Beneath
Under the Tuscan Sun
What About Bob?

A special thanks to Hooked on Houses and Moviefone for these links

I could go on and on and on and on…  I’ve actually watched movies and couldn’t tell you the plot or who were the characters, but I could tell you the exact layout and decor of the room in a scene.

All in the Family:
Family is the center of my life.  We have developed beautiful family traditions over the years.  My children are my true trophies of life.  I am so proud of them. Whether we are together through good times or bad times, my family gives me the strength and happiness that makes my life complete.

I am a traditionalist:  
My own personal favorite décor is traditional with a strong emphasis on casual (quite obvious from the ‘great dream home’ movie list above!).  I am really an old fashion girl when it comes to my home. One of the biggest compliments I can receive is when someone enters my home (or a client's home) and says that they feel right at home.

Well...that's me.

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