plates on a wall

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

As a designer, I am always scratching my head to figure out exactly what a client wants hung on their walls. Everyone’s taste in artwork is so diverse that there really is no set rhyme or reason when it comes to wall décor. And now, wallpaper is back! Oh, I just love wall paper but it does become dated quite quickly.

Sorry, I digress. Back to hanging art pieces on a wall, well more specifically, hanging plates on a wall.

Recently, I had a client who has a very extensive, beautiful collection of decorative plates. She doesn’t entertain in the dining room very often, so those plates where not getting any use at her table. But they are so beautiful, it just seemed a crime to hide them away in a cabinet. So, this got me thinking, let’s hang the plates on a wall but not in a conventional manner… lined up, straight in a row. After discussing the idea with my client, I did a little research on the internet and guess what I found. Plates on a wall!

The project turned out beautifully, the client, as well as her family and friends, were extremely happy and very impressed. Afterward, I returned back to my office with a collection of beautiful and unique images of plates on a wall.

So, there you are - images I gathered on the internet as a concept for her collection … sorry, I’m not sharing her collection, that seems just a little too invasive but these images can definitely help you get the idea of what was produced in her beautiful home.

It’s not your Grandmother’s Plate collection anymore.

First, I ran across a collection (or two) of white plates on a colored wall and that started the creative juices flowing...

And then that led to these...

Just WOW, right?