fabulous front doors

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Yes, I have to admit I have become just a teeny bit obsessed with front door images at this stage of my own home ‘repair’ schedule. I know I shouldn’t keep viewing images once I have made up my mind (a designer’s worse nightmare is when a client does this… and THEN changes their mind) but these are so beautiful – and I promise, I will not change my mind, I will not change my mind, I will not change my mind!

And yes, I apologize if this Front Door obsession has gotten a little too much for you. I promise (no fingers crossed now) that I will be moving on soon to my next great and beautiful obsession – so stay tuned!

Sunny Disposition
Photo by Aimee Herring

This lemon-yellow hue just oozes happiness, but the contrasting black hardware and accessories keep things from getting too sweet. Potted plants are a great way to perk up your stoop, but either go big or go for multiples to keep them from looking bitty.

Modern Whimsy
Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Airy windowpanes let light flood in and give off a sense of welcoming openness. The retro-cool green door, sculptural pots and plants, and striped mat tell visitors this home is fun and kid-friendly but still design conscious.

Tradition Reinvented
Photo by Francesco Lagnese/GMAimages

A bold yet classic color—Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red, to be exact—in a high-gloss finish took this home’s Victorian-era door from staid to stunning. The gilt stencil detail on the glass completes the look.

Coastal Charm
Photo by Norman Pogson/Alamy

A front door can be a lovely way to pay homage to the home’s locale. Here an inlaid chevron panel detail, duck’s-egg blue color, and ship-lantern sconces all lend a seaside New England feel.

Purely Ornamental
Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Proving that there are endless ways to stave off dull-door syndrome, this front door gets a dose of personality in the form of flanking nonfunctioning shutter panels, a large-scale lantern, and a playful pooch.

NOTE: *This is the image that drew me to this post... I have chosen a black door for the front of my home and now I am 'surfing the web' to find accessories for the sides of my front door, along with the hardware - knob, door knocker, etc. At the moment, I lean towards a black iron urn on each side of the door. What do you think?

My Front Door Concept 'Board' - at the moment

Hip Historian
Photo by Peter Zoeller/Design Pics/Getty

Lush, gorgeous greenery can increase the curb appeal of any home, but that doesn’t mean your front door has to play second fiddle. There’s something about plum that makes it feel whimsical and daring but historical and classic at the same time.

Focused Energy
Photo by Peden+Munk

This door is definitive proof that sometimes you’re just a can of paint away from a stop-and-gawk front door. A high-impact hue can sometimes be a cause for restraint in other areas. Case in point: this door’s industrial lights and simple yet stylized house numbers.

A big thank you to One King’s Lane for their help with this post.