the look you want

Everyone knows that the Heart of the Home is the Kitchen.  It is where your daily events start and your daily events end. It is where your family and friends gather to discuss Hot Topics and Life Experiences. It is where memories are made. So when it come to the design of your Kitchen, what other look would you want but a 'Dream Kitchen'? 

Kitchen design, in my opinion, speaks to the overall look of the kitchen once it is complete. A designer can use different materials, cabinets, finishes, and lighting to achieve a sleek, modern look & feel; or a look that transports you back in a time machine to a quaint Irish cottage.

If you ask 100 top kitchen designers what they would do with the design of your kitchen, you will most likely end up with 100 different designs – of course, some of them being quite similar, but in no way identical.

When starting to think about the look you want for your kitchen, my suggestion is to immerse yourself in research - look at hundreds of different designs and see which ones make you feel like you would be ‘at home’ if you were living there.

Your research will undoubtedly take you to the Internet; into numerous kitchen cabinet showrooms; and possibly to design centers who specialize in kitchen remodeling.

I also suggest that you look at any number of excellent kitchen design books and magazines that have hundreds of gorgeous color photos of kitchens large and small, expensive and affordable.

And if you really want to be on the cutting edge, look at kitchen designs in Europe. European kitchen designs often produce absolutely stunning results in unbelievably small spaces.

Be sure to look beyond just cabinets and countertops. Every surface in the kitchen is a design element... the backsplash; the floor; the ceiling; the doors; the walls; all should contribute to the overall design theme.

For example, if you are on a tight budget, you may decide to paint your existing floor and incorporate a design of some type into the paint. Painted floors hold up very well when they are coated with a high-quality clear urethane.

Don't forget lighting - this is a very important design element that is unfortunately so very often overlooked in kitchen design.