champagne taste on a beer budget

I think we can all say (at one time or another) that our tastes, wants and desires have not quite matched our budget. And when it comes to our Home Decor... it is amazing just how quickly the spending can add up (trust me, I know from past experiences). 

But if you follow a few of these easy 'tricks of the trade'... you can create a beautiful, expensive looking Home Decor without breaking the bank. 

A few larger pieces (as opposed to a lot of little knickknacks) placed strategically in a decor can made a huge statement and add more value and importance to each individual item. 

A triptych (art that is divided into three sections, or three panels hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open) will instantly increase any room’s wow factor. The trio of paneled art, which has been rising in popularity in recent years, can set you back a pretty penny. But you can make your own! Downloaded free art from the web, print it as an extra large image at a local printer, and cut the image into three parts to fit into inexpensive frames or apply to stretched canvas that can be purchased at your local craft store.

The bigger the area rug, the bigger the space will feel. It is really quite simple to create an illusion of space by just taping or sewing smaller rugs together and create a large floor covering. 

Rather than jamming shelves full of knickknacks that create a 'busy' cluttered look, opt for a minimalist look: Several books standing upright along with a couple tall vases will fill the space without overcrowding - the perfect solution. Add objects of various height and color to give a bookcase personality.

Every room needs a focal point so if you don't already have one; center your room using eye-catching wall art. Hit up your local art supply store for ready made art or a large blank canvas to make your own creations (see above). Also check out nearby art schools to find great hidden talent on a shoestring budget.

Get rid of the ho hum, boring bedroom with this simple trick: Paint one wall a dark color or cover it with grass cloth (which is making a huge comeback). The textured accent wall behind the bed adds warmth to the room and gives it a polished look. Redoing only one wall is perfect for a budget makeover, because you’ll save a ton of money (and time).

If you are lucky enough to have a home that bathes in windows with sunlight and has those 'beautifully natural bones', then let those elements shine through (nature has just supplied you with a gorgeous decor). Using neutral colors will help let a home’s best asset — nature — excel.

Unexpected touches always add to the 'designer' style of a home. For example: created a dramatic headboard with an unexpected item propped against the wall.

Don’t be afraid to install window treatments around a breathtaking view. Just be sure to avoid bright patterned colors that will distract your focus.  Frame the view with neutral curtains so the eye is drawn towards (and out) the windows.

One Last Tip: Decorate rooms with natural palettes, adding pops of color, texture and interest with accessories – a décor of uniform palette will lend to the impression that it has been strategically planned.  (I.E. high-end designer)