a look at the Barefoot Contessa property - the house

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As mentioned before: I have a ‘thing’ about houses…. duh, right?
I have Movies that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE, I have Television Shows that I love BECAUSE OF THE HOUSE, and ok, I will admit it, I have people I love BECAUSE OF THEIR HOUSE (if I love their house – how could I NOT love them, right?)

Well, one of my all time favorite properties has to be Ina Garten’s home in East Hampton. Join me on a backstage pass tour of her East Hampton home, gardenThe Barn and yes, even her apartment in Paris! They are earthy, elegant, simple, and so Ina. 

Are you as excited as me?

Ok, I went searching for information and photographs of Ms. Garten’s home interior, and found out:
1.     From Zillow.com, the mortgage payment of 23 Buell Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937 would be approximately $19,048/mo. if this exact 1992 property were listed on the market today (upgrades not taken into consideration, of course).
2.     Ina must be a VERY private person. It was very difficult to find photos in the Main House. There was an article written for House Beautiful in 1994 with a few shots of the interior of her home, but from just watching her Foodnetwork show, I can tell she has upgraded immensely! (and you probably have seen more of the interior on the show!)
3.     I found that Ms. Garten has a home (apartment) in Manhattan also (beautiful info offered on that one so I definitely will share that soon). 
4.     I am guessing that she has a home in Paris also. With her extensive travels to France, I can't imagine her not investing in property there. No print on that one so that is all speculation on my part at the moment.
5.     The kitchen that was built in her newest construction on the property, The Barn, as it is lovingly referred to, is almost an exact replica of her kitchen in the Main House which she built from scratch approximately 10 years ago. So not only was it difficult to find photos of the interior of the Main House but it was difficult to decipher whether it WAS the Main House. Trust me, any photos of this lovely lady’s property are better than none at all.
6.     I did find a wonderful article More Square Footage for a Shoeless Cook in The New York Times by Jacob Bernstein recounting exactly how Ina Garten came to acquire this gorgeous property. It is worth the read!

On to The Main Event - The Main House (or what I could find of it)
First, let’s take a look at the photos from the 1994 HB article. These obviously have been taken directly from the magazine pages… what a hoot... We’ve come a long way, baby!

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dining room ina 001

Have you ever seen the actual Barefoot Contessa shop?
No, I don’t mean the interior shots from the movie 'Something’s Gotta Give'…



I mean the actual adorable storefront of Barefoot Contessa that closed in 2004?