my 900th post

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

So, I am going to take a moment here and pat myself on the back, toot my own horn, fly my own kite… sing my own praises. I don’t do that very often and some might even say I don’t do it enough. I know it is a very healthy thing to do for yourself, but I seem to be very insecure when it comes to acknowledging my own achievements (hmmm, don’t know exactly what that says about me, should I ‘google’ that?). With that being said, this post might be a little more difficult to write than the past 899!

After this post is published, my blog will have exactly 900 posts to date. Boy, that really seems like a HUGE number when you see it written down in black and white! Congratulations to All in the Detail for having such a huge accomplishment on the record - which I believe not many blogs out there run by a single person can claim.

And yes, congratulations to me for the unlimited amount of time and effort it takes to producing 900 posts.

Also, Thank You, God for giving me the opportunity and support from my loved one to have the ability, the passion and the time to reach this and to now have passed the 900 posts milestone.

Ok, that wasn’t too hard to write.

Now there is exactly 100 posts to go before reaching one of the most amazing 'round number' milestones any blog could wish to achieve, having a whopping 1000 posts on a blog. That achievement is definitely not far from now and I estimate I will produce another 100 interesting posts in the next few months. And after some quick calculations, I am guessing that my 1000 post achievement would arrive very close to my blog’s anniversary of October 12th.

I think I might have to plan something very spectacular for my 1000 posts and anniversary… maybe a special giveaway? Stay tune!

Having 900 posts in a blog is not an easy task. Let’s estimate the average number of words in a single post here on my blog – I am going to guess approximately 600 words. (we have 400 so far on this post) So, after some quick calculations, producing 900 posts is similar to writing over a half million words (540,000). That’s more than enough words to have written several large novels! *According to Wikipedia: while the length of a novel is to a large extent up to its writer, lengths may also vary by subgenre; many chapter books for children start at a length of about 16,000 words, and a typical mystery novel might be in the 60,000 to 80,000 word range while a thriller could be well over 100,000 words.

Ok, I might make it sound more daunting than it really is for me because I love to write, I love design and I love sharing my love for design through my writing… so for me, this blog is a win-win.

By typing these words, expressing my views and love through my blog, I consider myself blessed that I have had this opportunity to make it to the 900 posts milestone and I believe that much more is still to come.