monday at the beach

Welcome to All in the Detail... I am so glad you are here!

When warm weather arrives, my mind and soul wander off to the beach.
(Unfortunately, my body just doesn’t get a chance to go!)

Whether it’s New England or the Gulf coast, I am physically and emotionally drawn to sand and surf.

What is it that has this effect on me?

Does this happen to you?
So welcome to my blog series…

'Monday at the Beach'

Let’s go...

California Dreamin’

Manhattan Beach designer Jill Johnson remade a ramshackle rental into her dream cottage, one room at a time.

Prints Charming

A fun mix of prints in subtle hues come together beautifully in the living room, which features great views of neighboring cottages and towering palm trees.

Kitchen Made for Entertaining

With its two-tiered marble-topped island and cozy wicker chairs, the kitchen seems to ask guest to pull up a seat and stay a while. Open shelving shows off Johnson’s cool-hued dishes, while small square windows wash the space in happy sunlight.

Dining Nook

The vintage bamboo chandelier, crisscross wallpaper, and cozy furnishings make this dining area both welcoming and sophisticated.

Bright and Clean Bedroom

Light fabrics with bright accents give the room a much-needed openness. The ottoman and the bedside tables provide storage, while the fun striped rug adds a playful touch.

What do you think of this cute little beach cottage?

Is it move-in ready for you?

Many thanks go to my friends at Coastal Living for their help with this.