monday morning movie

Each week I post one of my YouTube Videos here and invite you to sit down, relax with your cup of coffee (and your movie popcorn) and enjoy a short (approximately 3 minute) Design ‘Movie”. If you want to know how this all got started, click here.

This is the last video post in my blog's Monday Morning Movie Series.  And interestingly enough,
this is the very FIRST video I ever made for the Radio Show.  It's funny (to me) to look back at where I began with these videos, how I struggled to 'learn' as I go on how to create a video from a Radio Show audio, how to make sure that the visual represented the audio as true as I could, and to make the video interesting and informative even though they were just snap shots.  Please take a look at this first video, and let me know... how do you think I did over the run of the show?

So, Let’s Go to the Movies!


Thank you for taking the time to walk back down memory lane with me and revisit all the great segments that I created for my show!