beach cottage style

I think I have been bitten (and bitten hard) by the 'Warm Weather Bug'. I just can’t seem to get my mind out of the sand... the sun and the sea… yeah, I'm ready for Spring and Summer!

And I am sure you know by now, that when I think of those three items (sun, sand, and sea) my mind goes directly to New England and the beautiful cottages that exist there. But some of us just aren’t blessed enough to own a New England cottage… so why not the next best thing? Create your own cozy cottage style with a little inspiration from great images of seaside cottage homes and comfy cottage rooms.

Ok, so this might be bigger than your average 'beach cottage' but isn't it just beautiful?

Here’s a Step by Step How–to
on creating a Beach Cottage no matter where you are located. 
with a little help from Coastal Living Magazine.

Be Eclectic
An assembly of home furnishings from different time periods will create an inviting, yet individual ambiance. Accent with old lamps, lanterns, clocks, or various beach finds on mantels and side tables to enhance your personal style.

Remember When
Give your kitchen a nostalgic feel with vintage appliances. A refurbished stove, manually operated toaster, and dial phone will lend an old-school vibe, while a retro clock will ensure your culinary efforts are cooked to perfection.

Get Creative
Construct funky curtains out of old tablecloths and clip rings. Choose from your own collection or visit a local thrift shop for undiscovered treasures. Shades of creams and pastels provide a clean, simple look.

Reflect on the Past
Find inspiration in old cottage photographs and area homes, or browse through old family albums. Past generations can be an excellent source of classic design, so don't be afraid to ask relatives for suggestions or handed-down furnishings.

Keep it Casual
Sun-faded slipcovers and worn plaid blankets give the room a "lived-in" look. Try a fabric store for material with a stylish and purposely faded look or visit a thrift store for the real thing.

Know Your Limits
Try to stick with a theme throughout the room. Start with shells you've collected on the beach or paint colors pulled from the ocean and incorporate them in furniture and accent pieces.

Be an Individual
Mix and match dining chairs for an innovative and inexpensive way to gather around the table. A fun idea is for each family member to choose a chair that is his or her own style. They're sure to add character and whimsy to the room.

Dive In
A salvage yard is a great place to get your hands dirty and discover unique finds for your home. Carefully comb through to find sinks, tubs, doors, and lights that will complete your cottage. They may not always look like treasures, but these money-saving necessities can be revamped into something new and chic.

Indulge Your Artsy Side
Decoupaging is a fun and easy way to add some sophistication and style to cottage pieces. Try it on a tray with brochures, old photographs, or other historic memorabilia. Display your masterpiece for guests to marvel.

Speak Up
Share your vision with friends and family. They might come across a desired item before you do, and could be able to help. After all, achieving great vintage style takes time.

Now... want to daydream a little more with me?  
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