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6 or 7 patties

I grew up eating these and, trust me, just thinking about them on a plate makes me feel so good!  Do you have a 'comfort food' like that?


·        1 CAN SALMON  regular size
·        1 EGG
·        2 tsp DEHYDRATED ONION


Dump all the contents of the can in a bowl---DO NOT DRAIN---DO NOT REMOVE BONES
With a fork, separate the salmon and crush the bones - they are soft and good calcium for you
Add egg - Mix with a fork
Add dehydrated onions
Mix well

Take Saltines, unwrap & place in a large plastic zip lock bag - crush until small crumbs

Mix with a fork and then with hands – this should feel a little wetter than raw hamburger

Put 1/4-inch oil in the bottom of a skillet. Heat until warm over medium heat
Take a bunch of the salmon mix in your hand and form into a patty about the size of an average hamburger patty. DO NOT SALT, but sprinkle with pepper

Fill the skillet with patties. (about 5 at a time) Brown then turn over. Brown other side. (this happens fast so you may have to adjust your heat and stay close by)
Also, I like my patties really crisp so I usually flip them for each side to brown a little more the second time.

We always eat them with cocktail sauce.


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