monday at the beach

When warm weather arrives, my mind and soul wander off to the beach. (Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always get the chance to go) Whether it’s New England or the Gulf coast, I am physically and emotionally drawn to sand and surf.

So welcome to my new blog series…
‘Monday at the Beach’
Let’s go...

Key West Cottage

This clapboard getaway cottage in Key West was built at the end of the 19th century. A 1980s addition gave it the sawtooth roofline, with parallel gables that create a zigzag appearance. On the inside, it’s clear that laid-back is the attitude of choice in this home.

Tennessee Meets Key West

When selecting furnishings, the homeowner searched for antiques at their favorite shops back home in Tennessee, and combed Memphis designer Shelley Miller’s studio for fabrics. The Southern touches, such as skirted tables, pleated lamp shades, and floral patterns, seem at home with the Key West signatures of horizontal-slat walls, brightly colored accents, and nautical accents.

Casual Kitchen

In the kitchen, a farm table and cherry cabinetry underscore the home’s casual feel. Doors and windows open to the pool area, making it an ideal home for outdoor entertaining.

Poolside Cottage

One of the best features of this cottage is the pool, which shares a wall with the home’s foundation. With two statuesque Spanish lime trees (a protected species) in the backyard, fitting a pool in was a bit of a challenge. But with the pool directly beside the house it becomes an extension of the living space.

Poolside Bar

A poolside bar invites guests outside. A painting by Key West artist Rick Worth, created with automobile paint, can withstand the elements.
What do you think of this cute little cottage?
Is it move-in ready for you?

Many thanks go to my friends at Coastal Living for their help with this.