are you bold enough?


There seems to be a new trend emerging in the world of Home Decor. Referred to as Whimsical Fine Art, amazing original pieces of artwork are bold oil paintings on stretched canvas. The most popular subject of these paintings happens to be cow portraits. Some appear in mixed media and watercolor but the most popular is definitely bold strokes of oil. Have you seen these yet?

Barn Wood Frame

Hung either framed or unframed, this artwork makes a huge statement within any room and definitely demands the Center Stage. Depending on the decor of the room, rustic barn wood seems to be a popular framing material which adds a vintage or primitive décor. The barn wood can be stained to match the décor; brown, dark brown, black, barn red, or remain a weathered natural gray. The nice thing about these frames is that they come with bumps and scratches and even nail holes, so if you nick or damage them, they are no worse for wear!

I personally think this art could be hung in just about any decor and room of the home.

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Here are a few more really great pieces of Whimsical Fine Art:

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Not a COW person… how about a ROOSTER?

il_570xN.446874651_lnn9 rooster-bob-marion-rose

…or a BEAR?

Grizzly Stare, T Paden, close-up

…maybe a RABBIT?


…or a HORSE?


…and oh my goodness, let’s not forget about this cute little fellow!


Not one for the bold bright colors, but still want to make a bold statement with an animal? Check this out…

I love this guy!