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Exciting Bathroom Interior Design Ideas Brick Wall Accent
Exposed Brick Walls, that is!  This treatment to any interior wall makes a bold statement –it offers clean lines and a timeless style that effortlessly blends in with every interior.
The look of exposed brick became popular in the late 1900s due to the fact that many people where renovating historical homes and buildings and found that it was far less expensive to expose the brick in the walls than it was to repair or replace the damaged plasterwork.
Exposed bricks add character and a rustic charm to any interior and can even make any room look industrial. They are especially popular in modern lofts and historical buildings. But if your walls don’t already have that brick facade to be exposed, check out another option offered with thin brick veneer.

Here’s Just a Few Reasons to Expose:

Add a Focal Point
Choose weathered, reclaimed brick to give a new space a sense of history. This kitchen uses a brick backsplash to break up expanses of white-painted planks. Corner shelves let the brick take center stage while prompting organization


Blend It In
Love the texture brick gives to your walls but not a fan of the brick color? Paint brick and wainscoting the same hue to create a seamless neutral backdrop. Use artwork to introduce additional pops of color


Repeat It
Keep the eye moving around a room by repeating design elements. Using the same brick on the fireplace and wall makes this indoor porch feel unified


Distress Painted Brick
Give a fireplace wall an aged patina. White-painted, distressed brick lends this kitchen-living room combo rustic appeal that cozily contrasts deep charcoal cabinetry and a stainless-steel island


Make a Statement
Rather than hide away exposed brick, use it to create a focal point. Neutral furnishings and vintage finds are right at home with a rustic brick backdrop A white ceiling maximizes light and helps the basement maintain its open, airy feel


Go Modern
If you've grown weary of your fireplace or are looking for an easy update, use paint to modernize old brick. Here, white paint creates pleasing contrast against chocolate-color velvet chairs in this cozy living room


Age a New Space
Blur the boundaries between bygone eras and modern living by mimicking old details. A new multihued brick wall replicates antique brick, lending authentic charm to this carriage-like kitchen. Arched windows and heart pine flooring add architectural character


Balance Dark Materials
Incorporate a light backdrop to keep a room clad in dark materials from getting too dark. Here, a covered porch with a dark stone floor and a blue plank ceiling stays bright thanks to white-painted brick walls

Need a little more inspiration? Check out these exposed beauties:
(ok, I may have gotten just a little carried away here with all these beautiful images, but I am so in love right now! So hold onto your hats, this is going to be a wondrous ride!)
See if you can pick a favorite.

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