designing with a flat screen television

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Flat screens have changed the way rooms are designed and furnished.  You no longer need a large entertainment center that’s almost three feet deep and takes up precious floor space.

There are different ways to mount flat screen televisions, either on the wall with a specially designed mounting unit or on a specially designed piece of furniture that is sleek and compact. But remember, you get what you pay for, and you want furniture that will last. So investing is higher quality furniture only makes sense here. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $800.00 and up.

If you decide to mount your new flat screen on the wall, you have some options to consider.  First, you need to install the brackets for the mounting unit to the studs in your walls.  These units can be heavy and you need to be sure that the hardware is securely fastened. Also the correct hardware is not cheap. Expect to spend anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00, depending on the style and weight capabilities.

There are a few basic differences in hardware:
There’s a "Flat Mount" which will anchor your monitor parallel to the wall. It will be the sleekest look when completed. These brackets are typically the most affordable, too.

There’s an "Angle Mount" which allows you to tilt the monitor slightly down towards the viewing area.  This type of mount is best when the monitor is mounted higher on the wall, like over a fireplace.

Finally there’s "Articulating Brackets" which allows you to rotate your flat screen to virtually any position, flat, angled, or pulled away from the wall to position the monitor towards different areas of the room.

Televisions can actually add to the aesthetic of a space rather than detracting from the design. With sleeker flat screens and new design elements available, the television no longer has to be hidden or stick out like a sore thumb. 

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when purchasing and installing a flat screen television:

  • Remember the existing décor and shape of the room when deciding on a specific model and size of a flat screen television. 
  • HDTV delivers the most impact when your eye level is at the center of the television display; budget money for a stand or wall-mounting system that puts your television at eye level when you’re seated.
  • The screen size of your television should determine furniture placement.  How far back should you be sitting from the television?  Multiply the screen size in inches by 1.5 – that’s the minimum distance in inches between the television and the seating.  Divide that number by 12 to convert your answer into feet.
With a little foresight and planning - Flat screens can be a beautiful addition to change the way rooms are designed and furnished.