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I have the greatest pleasure of announcing Design is... All in the Detail’s newest sponsor, tlynn designs - Individually Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry.  I hope that you will click on and follow the links in this post and see all of the amazing jewelry that tlynn designs has to offer.
gold-filled necklace with handbuilt links, pearl, moonstone, sapphire, kyanite Gold-filled necklace with hand built links, pearls, moonstone, sapphires, and kyanite 
To know tlynn designs and all that it offers, you must first meet its creator and designer, Terri Winters. Terri has always been a visual person. Color, texture, composition and craftsmanship have always delighted her. In seeking a career, she took her interests, talents and abilities to Auburn University and earned a degree in Interior Architecture. She practiced this as her primary profession for 12 years while continuing to “play” with other crafts and visual art. Now, she continues her design practice in partnership with other artistic expressions.

For a 6 year period of time, she owned a beautiful gift gallery in Atlanta Georgia offering amazing collections of artisan jewelry, pottery, glass and other handcrafted work. She says that this was a period of time that submersed her in “visual candy”, stimulated her creativity and allowed her to explore an inspiring variety of talent using an endless variety of media. 
Terri is quoted as saying, “My life has offered me many opportunities to see, feel, and taste the world. I landed in Italy for the first time when I was 16 and fell in love with its intense appreciation of beauty and craft in every form. I escape there whenever the opportunity is available so that I may feed my creative spirit, quiet the chatter of my thoughts and remember to live ‘life now’ …vita ora. Meanwhile, my personal journey continues, using an ever-evolving medium of expression, ‘this time’ …questa volta… creating individually inspired pieces of jewelry in sterling silver and gold.” 
I hope that you will help me give tlynn designs a warm welcome. 
Visit tlynn designs here and follow them on Facebook here and see for yourself the beauty that can be created from inspiration. 
Thank you, Terri Winters and tlynn designs 
for joining the Design is… All in the Detail family!